User Survey for the California Digital Newspaper Collection

The California Digital Newspaper Collection (CDNC) has been online since 2007. The purpose of this survey is to learn about the users of the website, for what purposes the collection is used, and to discover how many users correct text. We hope that you will complete the survey and become a regular at CDNC. Watch for additional new features to the site in the near future.

* Do you use CDNC for work-related research or for personal purposes or for both?

* Do you consider yourself a genealogist or family historian?

* What are the main reasons you use CDNC (check all that apply)?

* What type of information do you search for (check all that apply)?

* Do you participate in any online genealogy forums?

* Approximately how often do you visit CDNC?

* For a typical visit, estimate the number of minutes you spend on the CDNC website?

Text at the CDNC website is computer generated using optical character recognition (OCR). The text has many errors and consequently search results are less than perfect.

The website has a text correction feature that anyone can use. Corrected text is searchable by other users and gradually, through user contributions, the accuracy of the text for website users will improve.

* Do you currently use CDNC's text correction?

* If you didn't know about CDNC text correction before taking this survey, will you try text correction in future?

* Do you have a social networking account?

* Have you ever shared an article or information you found in CDNC via social media such as Twitter or Facebook?

* If you answered yes to previous question, please briefly explain what you shared and which social media account you used.

* We hope to add new features to the Veridian software used to host the CDNC. Which of the following features would you be likely to use?

  Wouldn't use Might use Would definitely use
Download results from a search in spreadsheet or database format.
Apply “tags” to an article for future recovery or clarification of its content.
Write comments about an article.
Download a high quality image of a page.
Interact with other users on a CDNC forum.
Save search results, articles or pages to a personal collection.
Add outside references to an article, for example, from Wikipedia or another website.
Add a “georeference” an article by linking it to a place on a map, allowing users to see collections of articles about a specific place.

* Please give some basic demographic information about yourself.

* What is your age?

* If you would not mind being contacted for further questions about your use of CDNC and about improvements or additional features that you would like, please give your name and email address and/or telephone number. This information will be held in strictest confidentiality and will be used by CDNC only for the aforementioned purposes. And of course you are always welcome to contact CDNC with questions and requests at