LAC Students,

Please complete this short survey to indicate your satisfaction with your tutoring experiences, and the personal learning outcomes you have developed as a result of your visits to the LAC.

This is an anonymous survey. No personal data are collected on you. Please respond honestly and thoughtfully.

Thank you so much.

1. The tutors who have assisted me with my course...

  Usually Often Sometimes Very Little
1. Have excellent knowledge of their subject.
2. Motivate me to succeed.
3. Ask me questions that make me think.
4. Listen carefully to my questions and ideas.
5. Explain using words I can understand.
6. Help me find my own answers.
7. Give me useful study strategies.
8. Are friendly and respectful.
9. Seem to be aware of my learning style.
10. Seem to be aware of cultural styles that make me comfortable.
11. Are available enough hours for tutoring needs.
12. Seem to be enthusiastic about their tutoring.

2. As a result of the tutoring I've received this semester, I am now better able to...

  Usually Often Sometimes Very Little
1. Interpret challenging course content more effectively.
2. Apply study strategies to my course.
3. Utilize information from tutoring in my course.
4. Apply more complex computer related skills to my course.
5. Apply deeper reading and writing techniques to my course.
6. Relate necessary math concepts to my course.
7. Enjoy the self-confidence necessary to succeed in my course.

3. Would you join a study group if it were available for the course you are studying?

4. The staff at the Tutorial Counter are friendly and helpful.

5. In what subject do you receive the most tutoring?

6. If you receive tutoring in more than one subject, for what other subject do you receive a good amount of tutoring?

7. On average, how many hours per week do you use the LAC?

8. What grade do you expect to earn in the course for which you receive most tutoring?