Senate Bill 287 requires Nevada's school districts to have volunteers undergo a fingerprint and background check if they have "unsupervised OR regular" contact with students. We understand that some volunteers might not want to or be able to pay for background checks.

Please fill out the following survey regarding your reaction to this new regulation. This survey is anonymous unless you provide us with your name and contact information. We will present the overall results of this survey to legislators in the 2019 legislative session.

* 1. Have you volunteered at a CCSD School before?

* 2. Are you declining to get your fingerprints run now and therefore will not be able to volunteer in a CCSD school?

* 3. What is the reason you are declining to be fingerprinted? (OPTIONAL)

* 5. Are you willing to provide us with your name and email/phone number so we can contact you before the 2019 legislative session? (OPTIONAL)