What is your vision for Kitsumkalum's lands and resources?

Kitsumkalum is working on a comprehensive community plan (CCP) and gathering information from community members about your vision and goals for the future of Kitsumkalum. Your responses will only be seen by the CCP team, Heather Bohn and Tracy Sam. The topics for the questions come from the community, based on feedback at the CCP Launch (Sept. 12, 2015) and from the advisory

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us:
Heather Bohn / Tracy Sam | 250-635-6177 Ext. 106 | tracysam150@gmail.com

Lands and resources includes the entire natural world (plants, animals, waterways, air quality, etc.) and the land itself. It also includes how we use the lands, both on-reserve and in our traditional territories. This section also covers the health of those lands and resources, and how they're used.

* 1. How can we encourage community members of all generations to take better care of the environment?

* 2. What are some ways we can better protect our lands and waterways?

* 3. Are you worried about current or possible destruction of the lands and resources?

* 4. How can we assert our aboriginal rights and title?

* 5. Do you think we should seek to control our traditional territories?

* 6. How can we improve community members' sense of connection to Pt. Essington?

* 7. How can we improve community members' knowledge of traditional medicines and foods?


* 8. Are there any fisheries projects you're in support of? Any that you're opposed to? (i.e. commercial fishing, food fishing, a fish processing plant)

* 9. Are there any forestry projects you're in support of? Any that you're opposed to? (i.e. logging in the territories, silviculture, value-added forestry like shakeblocking)

* 10. Do you think that the community is aware of what's happening in the traditional territories? Please explain your answer:


* 11. Do you think on-reserve land is used well? Please explain your answer:

* 12. How do you think the community can most effectively be involved in land use decisions? (choose as many as you want)

* 13. Which of the following land uses would you most like to see on our reserve?

* 14. Which of the following would you like to seen on-reserve? (select as many as you like)


* 15. What could be done to take better care of the environment, and make more "green" decisions each day?

* 16. Would you support on-reserve recycling?

* 17. Which of the following would you like to see on our reserve? Please rank the options from 1 (most important) to 7 (least important)

* 18. Have you or your family done anything to be prepared for the next emergency?

* 19. What can be done to make sure we're prepared for emergencies?

* 20. Do you have any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about Kitsumkalum lands and resources?