What is your vision for Kitsumkalum's economy?

Kitsumkalum is working on a comprehensive community plan (CCP) and gathering information from community members about your vision and goals for the future of Kitsumkalum. Your responses will only be seen by the CCP team, Heather Bohn and Tracy Sam. The topics for the questions come from the community, based on feedback at the CCP Launch (Sept. 12, 2015) and from the advisory committee.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us:
Heather Bohn / Tracy Sam   |    250-635-6177 Ext. 106   |    tracysam150@gmail.com

Economy generally means the financial systems in a community - businesses, entrepreneurship, how funds are used and managed, the job market, good employees, whether or not people are able to make good wages and afford a happy/healthy life, how poverty is dealt with, and how wealthy people are in the non-monetary sense (i.e. they have a lot of food, lots of family support, lots of skills and tools, etc.)

* 1. Do you think that band funds are well managed?

* 2. Do you have any suggestions for how community members could be more "in-the-loop" about band funds, including revenue from big projects in the territories?

* 3. What do you think could be done to improve money management?

* 4. Do you think we should allow big projects in our territories where there's a financial benefit to the band?

* 5. Please explain your answer to question 3:

* 6. When the band gets own-source revenue (funds not from the government) what do you think we should use them for?

Please rank the following options (1=most important, 7=least important)

* 7. Do you think that community fundraising is a good way to tackle projects that the community wants that are unfunded?

* 8. Would you personally help fundraise for community projects that are unfunded?

* 9. Do you think we should try and become financially self-sufficient?


* 10. Do you think that poverty is a problem in Kitsumkalum?

* 11. What do you think community members living in poverty need the most? Why?

* 12. What do you think could be done to reduce poverty in our community?


* 13. Do you think that community members are given fair opportunities to apply for on-reserve jobs?

* 14. Can you think of any examples where employed community members were paid lower or otherwise treated worse than non-member employees?

* 15. What can be done to make sure community members get fulfilling, well-paid jobs?

* 16. Do you think that Kitsumkalum staff are well trained?

* 17. Would you like to see more band funds and staff time put towards professional development/training for staff?

* 18. Imagine two people apply for the same on-reserve job: One is a community member with some experience and little training, the other is a non-community member with lots of experience and training. Who would you rather see get the job?

* 19. What kind of job training/certification do you think is most needed in our community?


* 20. How could we encourage community members to be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses?

* 21. What new businesses would you like to see developed, that you think could generate a lot of revenue? Any businesses that you think could also solve a social problem?

* 22. Do you have any final comments about our community's economy, such as other ideas/goals, your overall vision for a healthy economy, or any other suggestions?