1. Introduction

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The Training on Communication is delivered within the EPF Capacity Building Programme that was launched in 2012. Its objective is to strengthen the capacity of 10 EPF members in strategic communication. For more information on the contents and methodology of the training, please refer to the concept note.


This application should be filled in by 10 July 2015.
If you have any question, please contact Camille Bullot (camille.bullot@eu-patient.eu).


The selection of participants will be carried out by EPF according to an assessment of the following criteria:

  • Compliance with eligibility criteria. In case the number of applications is higher than the available places for this training, preference will be given to organisations which comply with the Full membership criteria.
  • Current communication plan: priority will be given to organisations with stronger need to reinforce their communication strategy. The current communication strategy will be assessed on the existing communication plan (if it exists) and the current communications tools.
  • Availability and commitment: the organisation’s representative must be available for the proposed training date (21-23 September 2015) and committed to pursue and further develop the communication activity initiated during the training. The candidate will need to demonstrate how he/she intends to apply learning after the training.
  • Motivation: the organisation’s representative will have to explain why s/he wishes to take part in the training in a short motivation letter.
  • Profile: The organisations’ representative is the main person in charge / or has a specific assigned role for communications for the organisation (as per job description or Terms of Reference if applicable).
  • Language requirement: the organisation’s representative has a good knowledge of English (written and spoken).