Thank you for your interest in becoming a Challenge Institute Mentor.

Ideal candidates will have experience with challenge-based and other inquiry-based learning approaches and experience providing professional learning and coaching. Most important is an openness to learn and explore.


1. Experience implementing challenge-based or a similar inquiry-based learning process
2. A passion for challenges and an openness to learn about CBL
3. Acquisition of a CBL micro-credential
4. Participation in a webinar on CBL updates
5. Attendance at a face to face workshop or training

Option 1:  ISTE World Class Learners pre-workshop- Beyond Coding: Creating World Class Learners and Developers (June 24, 8:30–11:30 am CDT, ISTE Registration Required )

Option 2:  Post ISTE workshop (4 - 6 pm June 27th, https://1871.com, Chicago, IL)

Option 3:  DP Challenge Institute (July 9 - 11, Monterey, CA, Registration required)

Option 4:  Participate in a local Institute


1. Active advocacy for the Challenge Institute and CBL
2. Active participation in the CI virtual professional learning community
3. Two virtual update and planning meetings a year
4. Availability for paid consulting and professional development engagements
5. Willingness to develop content, and publish about Challenges and CBL.


1. Acknowledgement as Challenge Institute Mentor.
2. Listing on the CI site as a Challenge Institute Mentor.
3. Access to the Challenge Institute online community.
4. The opportunity for paid consulting, coaching and professional learning engagements through Digital Promise.
5. A web badge and email signature.
6. Ongoing professional development and access to other CBL leaders.
7. Opportunity to impact future directions of the Institute and CBL.

* 1. First name

* 2. Last name

* 3. email address

* 4. Country

* 5. State

* 6. City

* 7. What is your current position

* 8. Work Status

* 9. Where can we find your professional brand on the internet (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website)?

* 10. Why are you interested in becoming a Challenge Institute Mentor?

* 11. What experience do you have with Challenge Based Learning?

* 12. What experience do you have with other experiential and constructivist approaches to learning?

* 13. Are you able to meet all of the certification requirements?

* 14. What experience do you have with providing professional learning experiences for adult learners?

* 15. Rank your ability to participate in one of the following training options. The events with asterisks are fee based.