Welcome to the Cazoot Profiling Tool

This Cazoot Profiling Creator is designed to build your profile to help us identify roles relevant for you to review as a Referee or Candidate.

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Completing your Cazoot Profile will take you around 10 minutes.  The information gathered is an important input for matching your profile to roles listed via Cazoot.  Your responses will be applied using the Cazoot algorithm to the information provided businesses recruiting for roles, to determine if you and the role are a good match.

All information you provide is confidential and secure.  The information you provide will not be provided to anyone without your consent, which can only occur if you are either a Referee or a Candidate.  

Remember, you cannot refer yourself as a Candidate, so if you see a job come your way that you want to be considered for, tap a referee on the shoulder and ask them if they could refer you.  Cazoot is a referral only platform, not a job board but as a member you will see the jobs that match your profile.

Once you have registered with Cazoot, we will provide you a summary market report relevant to you and an overview of the types of roles we will be sending your way to review.

Should you have any questions or problems completing the form, please email us at