* 1. Demographics

* 2. What is CAAHEP doing in order to help strengthen the role of site visitors within the accreditation process?  

* 3. What would you recommend that MAERB and CAAHEP do in order to further support site visitors?  

* 4. Where on the MAERB Website can Surveyors find training materials for surveying a medical assisting program?

* 5. True or False:  All continuing MAERB site surveyors will be required to attend face-to-face training on the 2015 Standards and Guidelines in order to continue to serve as a Surveyor.  

* 6. True or False:  In 2017 all programs will be required to electronically organize their assessment tools rather than use physical folders.  

* 7. True or False:  The Initial Accreditation Self-Study Report Template, 2015, will be just the same as the Continuing Accreditation Self-Study Report Template, 2015.

* 8. What specifically do you like about the new Self-Study Review Form? How else do you think it might be improved?  

* 9. What other additions would you recommend for the Site Surveyor Handbook?  

* 10. How else can the MAERB office help you in your service as a site visitor?

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