We want to hear from you!
The City of Casselberry is in the process of preparing a Master Plan to direct the future of its parks, recreation, pathways and open spaces. Your input is critical in preparing this Plan. Thank you for completing the following brief survey!

* 1. How often do you or other members of your household visit City of Casselberry parks?

* 2. Which City parks, facilities, or trails have you or a member of your household visited in the past year? Please check all that apply.

* 3. If you have not visited a City park, facility or trail within the past year, why didn’t you? List below.

* 4. Do you or any member of your family use parks and recreation facilities in other cities in Seminole County?

* 5. How do you rate the overall quality of each aspect of the City of Casselberry’s parks?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unknown/Not Applicable
Condition of buildings
Condition of sports fields/courts
Conditions of playground/play equipment
Condition of trails
Courteousness of City staff
Parking supply
Restroom cleanliness
Educational signage and information
Trash removal
Overall maintenance
Overall quality of recreational opportunities
Upkeep of dog park

* 6. A. Please indicate whether your household has a need for EACH of the following programs.
B. If YES, please rate the programs currently available from the City by checking the appropriate column.

  A. Yes A. No B. 0% Met B. 25% Met B. 50% Met B. 75% Met B. 100% Met
Athletic leagues - youth
Athletic leagues - adult
Swim lessons/aquatic programs
Non-sports (arts & crafts, cooking, dance, etc.)
Senior/55+ programs
Youth programs
Family programs
Fitness and wellness programs
Special events
Teen programs
Art, music and cultural programs

* 7. In prioritizing how City funds are expended, it is important that we understand what the greatest needs are for indoor and outdoor facilities to be added, expanded, or improved in the City of Casselberry over the next 5 to 10 years?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Unimportant Undecided/Don't Know
Acquiring land for future park development (describe where in space provided below)
Upgrading or expanding existing parks (i.e.: restrooms, sports lighting)
Additional recreation/community centers
Expanding Lake Concord Park
Expanding the Art House
New Performing Arts or Events Center
Outdoor athletic courts (tennis, pickleball)
Outdoor athletic fields (soccer, multipurpose)
Destination splash pad
Outdoor areas for special events
Building new walking/biking trails
Connecting existing walking/biking trails
Indoor Gym
Fitness rooms inside
Fitness exercise stations outside
Skate park
Dog parks
Disc Golf
Upgrading the existing pool at Wirz Park
Community gardens (vegetable gardens)
Specialty gardens (sensory, butterfly, rain gardens)
New Clubhouse for the Golf Couse
Improvements to the Golf Course
Better park security (lighting)
Maintaining existing facilities
Providing better pedestrian and recreation access to lakes (boardwalks, piers, kayak access)
Building fishing access sites
Improving existing blueway trails and access
Defining new blueways (water trails)
Preserving natural areas/conserving public lands

* 8. What types of pathways/trails should the City invest in? Rank the options 1 through 5, 1 being the highest.

* 9. Where would you like to see trails built or expanded?  Please be as specific as possible.

* 10. What is the best way for your household to receive information on parks & recreation facilities, services and programs (check all that apply)?

* 11. Please enter the total number of people in your household (including children) within each age category in the table below. This helps us plan for parks needs based on who is using or may use the parks and facilities.

Number of household members:

* 12. Do you live within the City limits of Casselberry?

* 13. Home address (so we can make sure we hear from a wide range of community members):

* 14. Please provide your email address so we can keep you updated about project progress and opportunities for feedback (optional)*:


Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from City officials regarding City business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your E-mail communications may be subject to public disclosure.

* 15. Please provide any additional comments you would like to share in the space provided below.

Thank you your participation!
For questions or additional comments, please feel free to contact Linda Moore, Recreation Manager, City of Casselberry, Recreation Division, Phone: (407) 262-7700 x1301