The non-profit Airline Ambassadors, founded by former APFA member Nancy Rivard, has provided over 50 airport trainings encouraging Flight Attendants and other aviation workers to report suspected cases of human trafficking. However, sometimes law enforcement is not willing or able to share data on Flight Attendant reports. As Flight Attendants, we are in a unique and key position to recognize and intervene when a child or person is being trafficked. Your responses are helpful in combating this issue. Thank you for being vigilant in the skies.

This is a 1 minute anonymous survey distributed by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. Your answers will help APFA and Airline Ambassadors better understand the extent and nature of this issue.

Please take a few moments NOW to complete this short 7 question survey.  
Thank you in advance for completing this survey.  

*Human trafficking can involve children, young girls and boys, as well as adult men and women for the purposes of labor or sexual exploitation. Travelers may be alone or with a companion.

* 1. Over your career as a Flight Attendant, have you noticed any situations where you suspected human trafficking?

* 2. Over your career as a Flight Attendant, have you ever reported one of these incidents?

* 3. If you did report, to whom did you report? Check all that apply.

* 4. Check all the actions involved in these situations.

* 5. Does American Airlines provide adequate specific training on human trafficking on-board flights or in the airport (in your opinion)?

* 6. Would you use a reporting application if it was on your Flight Attendant tablet?

* 7. How important is Flight Attendant-specific training to human trafficking awareness and prevention?

* 8. Thank you for taking this survey.

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