1. Inpatient Handoff Case #2

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Inpatient Handoff Curriculum: Case #2

Clinical scenario:
**This signout was created using an automated EMR template where the vitals, labs, demographics and medications are auto-populated.**

Once again, you are the covering night float intern for the week. It's June 27th at 11pm when you receive a call from the nurse caring for a new patient-- Mrs. Jane Doe.

You quickly go through your stack of handoff sheets and find her information (see link below). The nurse states the patient is confused. The patient does not know where she is, she is pulling at her IV's and her current vital signs at 6AM are: temp 100.1, hr 110, BP 95/60, RR 20, O2 sat 93%. The nurse is looking for your advice.

You are now on your way to see the patient, you start to read the signout sheet on your way down the hallway.

Signout document for hypothetical Jane Doe

Signout document for hypothetical Jane Doe
Reference articles - Managing Discontinuity (Vidyarthi et al,2006): click here.

* 2. After reading the signout... do you have a good sense of what the patient is going to look like when you arrive?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor
Based on your signout--> please rate your ability to "create a mental picture" the patient

* 3. Based on the clinical information provided on the signout form--> what is your initial DDx for her delirium?

* 4. Overall, how would you rate the quality of this signout document? Would it help you in the immediate assessment of this patient? Overall- do you think this signout would be helpful or harmful?

  Likely to help provide safe care Possibily helpful Neutral Possibily harmful Likely to cause patient harm
Rate the signout document quality:

* 5. What feedback would you have for the creator of this written signout? What (if anything) do you think could be improved to better help you assess this patient?

* 6. Comparing the written signout in case #1 (Jennifer Smith) and the written signout for case #2 (Jane Doe):

From your perspective as the night float intern-- which document did you find to be MORE helpful?