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My name is Chaya Milchtein, and I am an automotive educator, journalist, and fat person. I founded the automotive education platform, Mechanic Shop Femme. I am building a resource to help bigger people like myself shop for cars, better, because I BELIEVE that bigger-bodied people should easily be able to determine what best cars are for *our* bodies.

The Problem:

It's nearly impossible for plus-size people to figure out the best cars for our bodies without test driving dozens of cars or sorting through unintelligible manufacturer data, that often doesn't translate to actually useable information.

Google search results are filled with cars for tall people. The occasional resource is for "obese" people, and it is out of date, using language that is humiliating.

The Solution:

A comprehensive resource detailing the best cars for our bodies. It will feature the experiences of ACTUAL bigger bodied people backed by data and my expert automotive knowledge. The database will be maintained and updated to create a lasting up to date resource.  

Who should take this:

Folks who wear pant size of 24 "women" or 46 "men" and above (based on Lane Bryant sizing) who own, or regularly drive a car made in the last ten years. Only collecting data on vehicles available for sale in the USA.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, and supporting this important work. Without you, I could not get this off the ground.

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