The Carr's Landing Waterfront Access Workshop conducted in May 2018, resulted in numerous ideas, concerns and recommendations regarding the uses of our waterfront, parks and other District services.

This survey is based on many of the workshop suggestions. The results will be compiled by the Carrs Landing Community and Recreation Association, and presented to Lake Country Council.

Once all the data is compiled, there may be items high on our priority list which may not be achievable due to cost or government regulations. Please do not let that deter you from stating your priorities.

Once you have entered your responses, please click "Done" to submit your survey.

For more information about how the survey will be conducted and compiled, the committee behind it, deadline dates, etc, please go to

Thank you for your input into this important community initiative.

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Please rank the following park-specific projects. You only have 6 ‘votes’, with 1 being your top pick, 2 your second, etc. Your votes will be weighted and collated to provide a list of the most important park and waterfront projects in Carr’s Landing. These will be presented to Lake Country Council for consideration in future planning/budgeting.

  1 (most important) 2 3 4 5 6
Coral Beach North (11): Improve safety of path down to beach
Provide a designated parking area 
Provide dog waste bags

Coral Beach Park (10): Create a safe pedestrian pathway through park to the wharf
Improve safety of play area  (safe from boat entry/exit)
Improve the separation of swimmers and boaters on the wharf
Increase depth of boat launch

Coral Beach South (12): Improve safety of path down to beach
Create a waterfront trail on public land from Coral Beach South to Gable Beach

Gable Beach North (17): Improve accessibility from Toby Road/Gable Beach Park
Move swim dock from Gable Beach Park to Gable Beach North
Install swim buoy markers
Add garbage cans and picnic tables

Gable Beach Park (17): Create a clear boat entry/exit lane at boat launch
Extend portable washroom availability (Apr-Oct)
Improve the boat launch

R S Marshall Park (25): Create clear boat entry lane
Install swim buoy markers
Develop a comprehensive plan for public use
Create a public boat launch
Kopje Regional Park (23): Create a public boat launch
Increase access to facilities for Carr’s Landing community

Whiskey Cove (60): Add swim buoys
Improve park maintenance (currently overgrown)

Nuyens Park (31): Add washrooms

Terrace View Park (54): Develop a plan for community use

General: Improve safety of trail between Maki & Coral Beach Roads (access over gully)