Welcome to our quick 20 question survey for people that care about someone that may have a gaming problem.

++ Our definition of games includes video games, phone games, computer games, online gambling, and fantasy sports.

+++ If you do not have anyone you care about that plays any of these games, please EXIT the SURVEY in the UPPER RIGHT.

* 1. The person I care about that plays games is my:

* 2. Please choose how the person you care about CURRENTLY plays MOST of their games.

* 3. Please think of the game(s) they play MOST. What is it? If you do not know, please choose "DO NOT KNOW." If the game is not listed, please type in which game it is in "other" at the bottom. If they do not play games, please click exit survey in the upper right.

We appreciate your time and promise that this survey is quick, easy, and one of a kind!