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* 1. JetBlue is working in the Caribbean to reduce U.S. demand for illegal wildlife and wildlife products.
We are making a video to raise awareness that wildlife trafficking is spreading throughout the Caribbean and threatening the biodiversity and beauty that make these destinations magical. But that’s not the whole story.

The whole story includes your story and shows how responsible tourism can help the Caribbean thrive from the banks of coral reefs to people’s bank accounts. Your story could help us bring to life the grandeur of Caribbean destinations that are teeming with colorful awe-inspiring wildlife and marine-life.

We are looking for stories and characters in the Caribbean that help people understand why the following is important. If you have a story to match, tell us about it!

Please provide at least 200 words and limit your response to less than 800 words.

• Buying lots of awesome local crafts – but NOT products made from sea turtle skins or shells, tortoise shell or black coral, or anything that was once alive.
• Indulging in the local dishes – but NOT eating turtle eggs or shark fin.
• Loving your pets – and making sure those pets are NOT purchased in the Caribbean, nor are they birds (either to set free or bring home), plants or other live species.
• Snorkeling, diving and boating – and leaving everything you see where it is for your vacation next year. ;)

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* 2. Which Caribbean island or shoreline is this story most closely tied to? Where could the story be filmed?

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* 3. Who is the main character of this story?

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