* 1. Please note that only students enrolled in universities in which an agreement is in place with CareMore will be considered for placement. If you have a question relating to an agreement between your university and CareMore, please email studentprograms@caremore.com or check with your university program contact to verify.

Kindly Note: CareMore will connect with students applying for each rotation as follows: 

- Spring Rotation: Late November/Early December  
- Summer Rotation: Early/Mid April 
- Fall Rotation: Early/Mid July

Applications will only be considered after you submit a PDF copy of your Resume or CV to studentprograms@caremore.com.

Please provide the following information:

* 2. Please indicate your start and end dates with CareMore (i.e. 1/25/16 - 5/9/16)

Start Date
End Date 

* 3. How many hours do you need with CareMore each week? (i.e. 15 hours/week) (USC Medical Students please indicate 30-40 hours/week)

* 4. Please list the days of the week that you will be completing hours with us. (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

* 5. University Name

* 6. Current Degree Program

* 7. Year in Current Program

* 8. Expected Graduation Month and Year.

Date / Time

* 9. How many clinical hours have you completed to date?

* 10. Have you already been in contact with a CareMore Preceptor to complete your hours with? If yes, please type in the Preceptor's name below.

* 11. Which Department are you applying for?

  Select One Department
Nurse Practitioner
Social Work
Physician Assistant
Medical Assistant
Registered Dietitian
Medical Student

* 12. Which clinical setting are you looking to be placed in? (Select all that apply)

* 13. In which CareMore region are you looking for placement?