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* 2. Undergraduate School

* 3. Graduation Year

* 4. Position

* 5. Company

* 6. Sector (choose category that best applies to your situation)

For examples of previous profiles, please see http://stattrak.amstat.org/2017/01/01/early-career-profiles/.

* 7. Job description: List items included in a description of your job (organized like bullet points)

* 8. Statistics and Data Science at Work: A paragraph or two narrative describing some ways statistics are used in your job.

* 9. Background: A list of items in your background that might include things like:

Type of degree with major(s) and minor(s)
Internships or other experiences
Relevant coursework or special projects
Job-related activities

* 10. Favorite undergraduate statistics class: Name and describe what you liked/found useful in a favorite undergraduate statistics class (or a couple of classes).

* 11. Advice for students: Pass along some advice for future and current students who might be thinking about a career using statistics.

* 12. Photo: Please email a photo to accompany your profile to Rebecca Nichols at rebecca@amstat.org. Or you can put a link for a photo from Google drive or other sources below. Thank you!

Note: Because This is Statistics (www.thisisstatistics.org), the American Statistical Association (ASA)'s public awareness campaign, is always seeking interesting stories about the jobs of early-career statisticians to feature on the campaign website, your profile will be shared with the campaign. So, don't be surprised if you are contacted by someone from the ASA asking to write a profile about you and your job.