* 1. What is your occupation?

* 2. In which hospital do you work?

* 3. Please estimate what number of cardiac genetics patients are seen by your service each year

* 4. Is NGS-based inherited cardiac gene testing performed in the laboratory in your Genetics Centre?

* 5. If you do not perform NGS in house for this purpose, to which laboratory do you send your tests?

* 6. Do you have a sub-specialty interest in cardiac genetics or are you contracted to provide dedicated hours to cardiac genetics?

* 7. Is there a consultant Clinical geneticist within your unit who is sub-specialised in cardiac genetics?

* 8. Do you routinely discuss test results with a clinical cardiology team in a multidisciplinary meeting?

* 9. Considering DNA sequence variants classified as outlined here below: 

Class 1 = Benign
Class 2 = Likely benign
Class 3 = Variant of unknown significance,
Class 4 = Likely pathogenic,
Class 5 = Pathogenic

please select a response to the following questions:

  Yes No Only to AFFECTED individuals for segregation analysis
Do you offer cascade testing to family members of a proband in whom a class 5 variant is identified?
Do you offer cascade testing to family members of a proband in whom a class 4 variant is identified?
Do you offer cascade testing to family members of a proband in whom a class 3 variant is identified?

* 10. Considering pre-test counselling for cascade testing of CLASS 4 variants,

  Yes No I don't know/not sure
Not applicable, we never offer cascade testing for class 4 variants
Do you explain that there may be a degree of uncertainty about the pathogenicity of a class 4 variant?
Do you mention the possibility of the pathogenicity classification changing as new evidence emerges in the future?

* 11. How often, in your opinion, should routine variant reclassification be performed? Please select one option

* 12. In an asymptomatic individual that has NORMAL predictive testing for a familial Class 4 variant, please answer the following:

  Yes No n/a - I would leave this decision to their cardiologist
Are you totally reassuring that they have no risk of developing the familial phenotype?
If they have not seen a cardiologist, do you refer them for assessment?
If they have seen a cardiologist and have no clinical signs, do you recommend discharge from follow-up?
Do you discuss their result at MDT meeting prior to making these clinical decisions? 

* 13. Do you have any other concerns regarding the use of NGS for investigation of inherited cardiac pathology? If so, please list here below (optional)

* 14. Which of the following situtations should trigger variant reclassification? Please select all that apply