After having read the letter from Bishop McManus, we need your input on the following:

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* 1. What is your initial reaction about the proposed need to address capital repairs and fund program endowments in our parishes and the Diocese of Worcester?

* 2. If your parish is to receive at least 40% of the campaign proceeds it raises from the first dollar to be used for specific parish needs, would this influence your support of a capital campaign?

* 3. What issues relating to our parish and our diocese are important to you?

Local church renovations and repairs
Local parish program endowments
Educating seminarians for the priesthood
Endowing care for our retired priests
Increasing financial aid for Catholic School tuition
Endowing charitable outreach programs
Parish debt reduction or elimination

* 4. In general, how would you rate the financial health of the following?

  Well-off Breaking even In need Failing Unsure
Your parish
The Diocese of Worcester

* 5. In your opinion, would Catholics work for and financially support a Capital Campaign if the parish leadership and parishioners decided that a campaign would be in the best interest of the parish and the diocese?