This survey is for the County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa to obtain feedback from the community on how to structure and implement taxes for the cannabis industry. Please note, the County and City are looking to implement taxes that are independent of each other. The County tax would only be in effect for unincorporates areas of the County. The City tax would only be in effect for businesses in the Santa Rosa City limits.
On March 7, 2017, Sonoma County residents will vote on a proposed Cannabis Business Tax Ordinance. While this Ordinance has already been drafted and is being put forward for a vote, there is still a lot of flexibility for the County to determine tax rates, which operators pay the tax, how the tax is spent and more. Thus, we are seeking your feedback to inform these policy decisions. More information on the tax measure and County permitting ordinances can be found here:
The City of Santa Rosa has been working with its Medical Cannabis Policy Subcommittee to develop a proposed tax ordinance for consideration on March 7th by its City Council. The City is looking for input to inform the Council on the proposed ordinance and tax structure. The City intends to place its tax measure on the June ballot. More information on the City's ordinances and policy development can be found here:

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