Thank you for taking the 2017 Cannabis Employment Survey! The purpose of this survey is to collect salary information and make it available for people and companies in the cannabis industry. Your answers are very important, as we will analyze responses and provide this valuable employment data for the first time. Note that your answers are confidential and will only be published anonymously.

* 1. Do you currently work in the cannabis industry?

* 2. What sector of the cannabis industry does your company fall into?

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* 4. In what city is your company located?

* 7. What is your job title?

* 8. What is your job function?

* 9. How did you find this job?

* 10. What is your annual base salary (in USD)? 
(If you are paid by the hour, please enter "0.")

* 11. What is your hourly wage (in USD)? 
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* 12. Did you negotiate your base salary/hourly wage?

* 13. If you did negotiate, what were the results of your negotiation?

* 15. If applicable, was your signing/starting bonus (in USD)?

* 16. If applicable, what is the value of your stock options (in USD)?

* 17. What was the value of any additional compensation not asked above (in USD)?

* 19. How confident are you that you made the right choice about accepting this job?

* 20. Do you plan on working in the cannabis industry if/when you leave your current job?

* 21. Have you worked for a for-profit company in the cannabis industry before your current position?

* 22. If yes, were you paid for this position?

* 23. Was this a positive or negative experience?

* 24. Your gender

* 25. Your age

* 26. Your highest level of education

* 27. Your ethnicity

* 28. Did anyone refer you to this survey?

* 29. Is there anything else you would like us to know?