Request for Nominations: 2019-2020 Fiscal Year


The CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nominating Committee needs your assistance in soliciting qualified candidates for the Ballot.  The committee encourages you to take this opportunity to actively recruit qualified nominees who have and continue to represent the membership of CA Academy and who will provide leadership in the decision-making processes of our CA Academy. 

Yes, you may nominate yourself.

Positions to be filled for the 2019-2020 fiscal year (will take office June 1, 2019) are as follows. 

President-Elect: One (1) year and at the beginning of the new program year, shall automatically become President of the CA Academy (1) year, followed by one (1) year as Immediate Past President
Vice President, Communications (2 year term)

Delegate, Area 3 -- Coastal Tri Counties, Central Valley (three (3) year term)

Vice President, Education (Two year term) 

Nominating Committee: Three members. Shall serve for two (2) years.

For general and specific qualifications for office, please review the Requests for Nomination document.

To nominate someone for office, please complete the information below.

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* 1. Name of Potential Candidate

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* 2. I have discussed the nomination with the candidate and they agree with this nomination.

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* 3. Recommended by:

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* 4. Enter name and email contact information of recommending individual, district, or council.