Thank you for applying to the Arizona Progressive Candidate Training Program! This is a non-partisan training.If you have any questions regarding the application or acceptance process, please contact Beth Meyer at or Michelle Steinberg at You can also call 602.253.0119.

* 1. Name and Contact Information:

* 2. Have you ever run for elected office?

* 3. When do you plan to run for office?

* 4. What office are you most interested in running for?

* 5. What district will you be running in?

* 6. Why are you interested in this particular office? If you aren't sure what office you will run for, which offices are you most interested in and why?

* 7. If elected to office, what changes do you want to make?

* 8. What do you believe are the most important things you need to do to prepare to run for office?

* 9. Please describe any political or civic engagement work you are currently doing or have done in the past. (e.g. issue campaign volunteer, candidate campaign volunteer, register voters)

* 10. This is a non-partisan candidate training for progressive individuals. Please describe what progressive means to you?

* 11. What do you hope to gain from this training?

* 12. The training takes place over three weekends: October 19 & 20; November 9&10 and December 14&15.. Will you be able to attend all training dates?