1. Welcome to the Examining the Prevalence and Associations of Health Survey!

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Project Description: Why are we conducting this study?

This study will examine the effects of health on mobility among Canadians. We are hoping to determine how health as well as physical, cognitive and social factors influence injury rates including driving and fall related accidents. Findings from this project will lead to program and service development that address the needs of Canadians. We will also ask to follow-up with you 5 years from now to see how your health, mobility, attitudes and behaviours, driving practices, environment, activity levels, and cognitive function have changed. In comparing data every 5 years, we will have a greater understanding of health and mobility trends amongst Canadians, enabling us to develop injury prevention strategies and raise awareness about road safety. Additionally, findings from this study will be compared to residents of France, who have completed the same survey. International comparisons between France and Canada will provide an opportunity to improve road safety and injury prevention practices, as well as increase our understanding of why groups of people are different. Participants MUST be 45 years of age or older to participate.
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