In May 2014, Cambridge Network held a partner summit in Boston where 35+ educational leaders met to discuss market trends and the transformation of the international market. In attempts to bring our network closer together, Cambridge Network is looking into holding a similar event and would appreciate your feedback to help us better plan around our partners' needs.

This short survey is aimed at gathering your interests on workshop topics, activities and dates. Once again, thank you for your feedback and we'll be sure to keep you posted once dates and venue details are finalized.

* 1. Please provide your name and the school you represent.

* 2. Are you interested in attending a Cambridge Summit?

* 3. When would be a good time for you to attend the Summit?

* 4. Which days would you prefer?

* 5. Please rank your interest on the workshop themes (1 is the least interest, 5 is the most interest)

  1 2 3 4 5
International education market trends
Recruitment support and services
Homestay support and services
Matriculation preparation for international students
International student engagement and support

* 6. Are you interested in promoting your school to Cambridge recruitment partners at the Summit?