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In the article 'Model Selection and inference: Facts and Fiction', Estimators resulting from such a two-step procedure are called ______________________.

論文「モデル選択と推定:事実と虚構」において、本文で述べられている2段階の手順により得られる推定量は ______________________と呼ばれています。

Hannes Leeb and Benedikt M. Pötscher (2005). MODEL SELECTION AND INFERENCE: FACTS AND FICTION. Econometric Theory, , pp 21-59.

* 2.

According to a 2010 China Daily article, the number of English learners in China is now around ________ million, approximately one third of China’s population

2010年のチャイナデイリーの記事によると、中国の英語学習者数は当時約 ________億人で、中国の人口の約1/3に相当するものです。

Kingsley Bolton and David Graddol (2012). English in China today. English Today, 28, pp 3-9

* 3.

In the article 'GM foods: is there a way forward?' how many years back can the earliest forms of agriculture be found?


GM foods: is there a way forward? preview, Huw D. Jones
Proceedings of the Nutrition Society / Volume 74 / Issue 03 / August 2015, pp 198 - 201

* 4.

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