Thank you for participating. The purpose of this survey is to gather a sense of the nature of your congregation today and what you think it should become. Your participation will help the Session chart a direction for your congregation's future.

So what are we measuring in this survey? We want you to think about four core qualities of a congregation: its community life, numeric growth, its priority for spiritual growth and involvement in mission. What makes a congregation unique is the emphasis given to each quality. This survey has six questions. In each question you will be asked to rate the relative importance these four qualities have to each other. You'll see what we mean when you view the first question. What you need to know at this point is that none of the answers provided are right or wrong. What we want to know is: from your perspective, how important are the four qualities relative to each other.

Each of us thinking about our congregation will view some of these qualities as current strengths and view other qualities as weaknesses. We want to know this as well so we will ask you to answer each question twice. The first time through we want you to reflect on how you think the congregation is now. The second time through we want you to reflect on what you think the priorities need to be in the future. Again, how to do this will become clearer when you look at the first question.

All set? Then just click on the "Next" button below and you will be underway!