Thank you for providing input on the proposed 2023-2024 Academic Calendar. Our primary focus is on developing an academic calendar that benefits our students and their achievement. By developing an academic calendar for the 2023-2024 school year, the District, community and parents will have ample time for planning.

Before you begin the survey, please review the following information on how academic calendars are developed as well as comply with Florida State Statute.
The academic school calendar must include the following:
- 180 student classroom attendance days; early dismissal days count as a full-day in the 180 day total.  At the Superintendent's recommendation, the Board may decrease the minimum number of days of instruction up to four (4) days for 12th grade students for the purpose of graduation.

-196 teacher duty days to include six (6) paid holidays.

-Four (4) total teacher planning days per year; one day must be at the end of each quarter as required by the CCEA Bargaining Agreement.

-4050 minutes per semester of seat time for high school credit per Florida Statute (regular day = 49 minutes; early dismissal day = 27 minutes).

-F.S. 1001.42(3)(f) Opening and Closing of Schools/Fixing Uniform Date requires adoption of policies for the opening and closing of school and fixed uniform dates.  However, the opening date for schools in the district may not be earlier than August 10.

-Indication of dates for teacher pre-school sessions and make-up days in the event schools are closed for a natural disaster, including but not limited to hurricanes, floods, and fires.

-Recognition of student report card periods and the FTE survey weeks in October and February.  The survey weeks are used to capture student attendance numbers which provide district funding.

-Be sensitive to district requirements for staff development to include at least one professional learning day (full-day without students), a full week at the beginning of each year before students start, and early dismissal days for professional development, school improvement planning, and/or mid-term and final exams.

-Include winter break, which must begin before December 24th, and continue for a period of time to include January 1, and at least one (1) spring break.

-Be sensitive to traditional and cultural observances of holidays.

-Consider the Florida High School Activities Association (FHSAA) calendar.
-Include two virtual learning days as part of the High Performing School District legislation.

-Consider other needs of students, the district, and the community to include ending the first semester before winter break.

-Consider the state assessment calendar.

***** Please note that the academic school calendar for a Charter School is set by its own Governing Board

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* 1. I have read and reviewed all information provided above regarding the development of the 2023-2024 academic calendar.