One of the recommendations made by the Review Panel at the conclusion of the Telios Law Investigation was to sponsor a retreat for survivors. Initial planning is underway for a 2-3 day retreat in Colorado, which is somewhat centrally located. The retreat will be facilitated by professionals who understand the needs of the survivors. Representatives from CAJ and the missions currently plan to attend a limited portion, as moderated and directed by professional facilitators.
Alumni attending need not have participated in the CAJ Investigation, and if they did participate, allegations did not need to be corroborated.
  1. Opportunity for alumni to discuss their abuse.
  2. Opportunity to identify needs of the survivors who were harmed and consider possibilities for healing.
  3. Opportunity for CAJ and the participating mission boards to interact with survivors to demonstrate their understanding of the damage, accept responsibility for the harm that occurred, and commit to the plan for healing.
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