We welcome your responses, comments and suggestions relating to cIcu's Independent Sector Outreach initiatives to prospective students, families, school counselors and community-based organizations. Feedback from this survey will help us improve our outreach efforts and information. It is also available online at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/cIcuOutreachFeedback
Please complete and return this survey (if paper version) as soon as possible. Fax: 518.433.8825. Mail: cIcu, 17 Elk St., PO Box 7289, Albany, NY 12224. Thank you! If you have any questions about cIcu's current outreach initiatives, publications or grants, please contact outreach@cicu.org. Thank you!

About cIcu:
The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (cIcu) is a statewide association representing more than 100 independent (private not-for-profit) colleges and universities in New York State. Although not a government agency, cIcu is an educational corporation formed under the New York State Regents.

* 1. Please describe the age range of the students and/or the context for your involvement with them (for example: I work with middle school students and their families in an area with high poverty as a volunteer mentor twice a week after school at a community center).

* 2. Please indicate for how long you have been involved in college awareness or other related education activities.

* 3. Based on your experience working with students and their families, what information gaps do you believe exist in college awareness information and resources relating to:

* 4. How would you address the information gaps you reference above? Please give examples of what you would do/provide to the students and their families.

* 5. How effectively do cIcu's major publications, Your College Search and Affording College convey information about private higher education in New York State? Note: Affording College is also available in Spanish. PDF versions of these publications are also available online at http://nycolleges.org/get-more-resources

* 6. How likely would you be to recommend cIcu's Outreach publications/resources listed below to individuals seeking information about private higher education in New York (view pubs at http://nycolleges.org/get-more-resources/resources-counselors-mentors)?

  Have not used Extremely likely Very likely Moderately likely Slightly likely Not at all
Your College Search
Affording College
College Connections newsletter
Middle School College Awareness Resources 
College Quick Tips
Campus Locator Map 
Outreach and Enrichment Programs for junior high/high school age students
www.nycolleges.org website

* 7. This survey was completed by (OPTIONAL):

* 8. Do you wish to be added to our Outreach contact list to receive announcements of release of our materials and updates? If 'Yes,' please include your email and street address above (for mailing or UPS shipping).