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As you may know, clinical trials are the studies that help to see how new drugs work to treat the different kinds of diseases. They give us very important information, like, for example, if they work correctly (improve patient’s health) and if they produce any side effects in the children studied (e.g. headache, fever, etc.). The benefits of the drugs must be always higher than the drawbacks. Clinical trials are done in hospitals or medical centres and they are reviewed by different people before they can begin. Permission is required from different groups of doctors, nurses, scientists, and non-physicians who review each study before it begins. There are very strict laws protecting the safety and well-being of adults and children in a clinical trial. The clinical trial results are the only available method to get new treatments for all babies, children and young people with the same disease. Even when researchers do not obtain the predicted outcomes, any result can improve health.  

This questionnaire has been designed in the framework of a new clinical trials network called conect4children (c4c),  to find out which messages are important for children and young people like you when deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial or not. If you want to know more about conect4children, more info is available here:
You will contribute to help us to identify the best way to inform people like you about clinical trials and to explain to them why the participation of young patients in clinical trials is so important.
You can complete this questionnaire if you are a child or young person between the ages of 12-18.

Time estimation for completion: 15 minutes

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