* 1. Which of the following Web tools did you use in your seminar implementation course(s) to facilitate interaction between students? Choose all that apply:

* 2. Approximately how many times did students in each of your implementation courses interact online with students from another course (or courses)?

* 3. What specific types of connections between students did you facilitate this year using Web tools? Choose all that apply:

* 4. Which of the following skills do you believe your students developed or improved by using Web tools? Choose all that apply:

* 5. How did your students access Web tools for your course(s)?

  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Home computer
Work computer
Computer classroom
Open computer lab
Laptop computer

* 6. What percentage of the work for your course(s) did your students complete online?

* 7. How much time did your students spend each week using Web tools for your course(s)?

* 8. What percentage of a student's grade was determined by online activities?

* 9. Which of the following words best describes your feelings about using Web tools in your course(s) for the future?

* 10. How well did the Community 2.0 Seminar prepare you in the following areas:

  Very well Quite well Sort of well Not very well Not well
Pedagogically (by learning to develop/adapt/grow as an educator)
Technically (by learning to utilize digital tools)
Collaboratively (by learning to work with other faculty and their students)

* 11. Would you recommend the Community 2.0 Seminar to your colleagues?

* 12. Do you have suggestions for improving the seminar?

* 13. What other questions would you like to see on this FACULTY survey in the future?

* 14. What other questions would you like to see on the STUDENT survey in the future?