* 1. Please enter the following:

* 2. During the current school year, how much has your coursework at this college emphasized the following mental activities:

  Very much Quite a bit Some Very little n/a (this is my first semester at LaGuardia)
Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experiences in new ways.
Making judgments about the value or soundness of information, arguments, or methods.
Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations.
Using information you have read or heard to perform a new skill.

* 3. In your experience at this college during the current school year, about how often have you done each of the following:

  Very often Often Sometimes Never n/a (this is my first semester at LaGuardia)
Worked on a paper or project that required integrating ideas or information from various sources.
Worked with other students on projects during class.
Used the Internet or instant messaging to work on an assignment.
Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with others outside of class (students, family members, co-workers, etc.).
Worked harder than you thought you could to meet an instructor's standards or expectations.
Applied information or experience from other areas of your life (work, friends, family, community) in class discussions or assignments.

* 4. Which of the following Web tools have you used in your courses at LaGuardia? Choose all that apply:

* 5. Approximately how many times per semester do you typically interact online with students from another class (or classes) for the purpose of doing coursework?

* 6. Which of the following types of Internet activities have you engaged in with students at LaGuardia? Choose all that apply:

* 7. Which of the following skills do you believe you have improved using Web tools in your courses at LaGuardia? Choose all that apply:

* 8. What do you expect to use to access Web tools in this course?

  Very often Often Sometimes Never
Home computer
Work computer
Computer classroom
Computer lab on campus
Laptop computer

* 9. What percentage of the work for your course do you expect to do online/on the Internet?

* 10. How much time do you expect to spend each week using the Internet for your course?

* 11. What percentage of your grade do you think will be determined by online/Internet activities?

* 12. Which of the following words best describes your feelings now about using Web tools/the Internet in your course?

* 13. Please tell us about your expectations for using Web tools/the Internet in your courses this semester.

* 14. Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements about your experience at LaGuardia:

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree n/a (this is my first semester at LaGuardia)
The faculty and staff of this institution care about me as a person.
My experience at this college has helped to change the way I see myself and my life.
As I go through college, the skills and knowledge I develop in one course help me to succeed in other courses.