You are a new Entrepreneur (or an Entré for short) with the chance to invest in three Assets featured in [C] Control. Invest wisely and you may win a prize!

Each round, you will have ten packets of ¥100,000 each (totaling  ¥1,000,000) to divide among three Assets however you choose. Assets gain power to attack when you fund them money, and at the end of each round, the Asset that received the most funding from all Entrés wins. Depending on the amount of money you invest in the winning Asset, you will receive entries into a drawing for prizes. However, investment is high-risk, high-reward-- the more money you invest in the winning Asset, the greater your shot at the prize.

· For every ¥200,000 (called a microflation) you invest in a single Asset, you receive 1 entry
· For every ¥500,000 (mezzoflation), you receive 3 entries
· For every ¥1,000,000 (macroflation), you receive 10 entries

There is no penalty for not using your entire ¥1,000,000; however, your money will not roll over to subsequent rounds, so you are encouraged to invest every last yen!

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Round 5: This Round's Assets

There will be five investment rounds total-- one per day until Friday, October 26.

· Three winners each round receive a [C] Control postcard, a replica Midas credit card from the show, and Midas Money.
· One winner each round receives a [C] Control postcard, replica Midas credit card, Midas Money, and a [C] Control poster autographed by J. Michael Tatum, voice of Soichiro Mikuni from the show.

Finally, one winner who has participated in all five rounds of the contest and accumulated the most total entries will receive a huge ultimate prize pack, featuring other anime about money and alternate worlds! This includes:
· Spice and Wolf Complete Series BD/DVD
· Spice and Wolf poster
· Eden of the East Complete Series DVD
· Eden of the East Movie 1 & 2 BD/DVD
· Eden of the East Saki keychain
· Summer Wars DVD
· Shangri-La Parts 1 & 2 DVD
· [C] Control Midas Badge pin pack
· [C] Control autographed poster, postcard, replica Midas credit card, and Midas Money

Quick Instructions
Divide up ¥1,000,000 however you like among these three Assets. Then check back tomorrow-- the Asset who has received the most overall funding from all players will win. If you invested in the winning Asset, then the more you invested, the more entries you will receive in our drawing for prizes!

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Make sure your investments total ¥1,000,000 or less, then click Submit!