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Auckland 1023, New Zealand
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The University of Auckland
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Auckland 1150, New Zealand
Project Title: Science Teachers’ Instructional Design Practices for a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Environment in New Zealand Secondary Schools
Researcher: Jiansheng Cui
Supervisors: Associate Professor Cathy Gunn and Dr Rena Heap

Dear teacher,
Thank you for considering participating in this research project. My study aims to understand science teachers' instructional design practice for BYOD environments in New Zealand secondary schools. To be an eligible participant, you should be a science teacher who has been teaching for a BYOD environment for at least two terms in a New Zealand secondary school. This project is part of my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland.

This anonymous survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. You will be asked to fill in two sections, including your background information, as well as your perceptions on BYOD and instructional design practice. If you are interested in taking part in a follow-up one-on-one interview, please indicate this at the end of the survey.

Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw consent at any time by not completing the survey, but once submitted, it will not be possible to withdraw the survey because of its anonymous nature. However, if you choose to also take part in Phase Two of the study, your survey will no longer be anonymous because I will ask for your name and contact details. I would like to discuss your survey response with you during the interview. However, you or your school’s name will not be identified in any research report. All track functions on SurveyMonkey will be disabled, so no IP addresses or email addresses will be recorded automatically. Furthermore, your Principal or employer will not know of your decision to participate in this research, and thus your decision to participate (or not to do so) will have no bearing on your relationships with them.

The data that you provide will be kept secure in a password protected computer in the researcher’s office at the university for the duration of the research, and will be destroyed after six years. The data will be used for the researcher’s doctoral studies, as well as the future academic publications, presentations and other forms of research dissemination. It will be also used to support further research in this area.

Your participation will be very useful in helping us to understand instructional design practice for BYOD environments. You are able to access the research findings, which could help inform you future practices. After the research is completed, the findings will be compiled as an anonymised summary report and sent to you if you are willing to provide contact details. The researcher will provide an oral presentation of the study outcome at the schools that have given permissions for school access. In addition, the researcher’s doctoral dissertation will be available on the digital library system. You can request to access a digital copy.

Should any questions as a result of reading this Participant Information Sheet arise, you are welcome to email the researcher before the survey begins. I will be glad to answer your questions any time.
Jiansheng Cui
School of Curriculum & Pedagogy
The University of Auckland
+64 9 373 7599 extn. 48779

Main Supervisor
Associate Professor Cathy Gunn
Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education
The University of Auckland
+64 9 923 8354

Dr Rena Heap
School of Curriculum & Pedagogy
The University of Auckland
+64 9 373 7599 extn. 48636

The Head of School
Associate Professor Helen Hedges
School of Curriculum & Pedagogy
The University of Auckland
+64 9 373 7599 extn. 48606

For any queries regarding ethical concerns you may contact the Chair, The University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee, The University of Auckland, Research Office, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142. Telephone: 09 373-7599 extn. 83711. Email:

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