Southern Crescent Technical College offers three types of credit award programs:  associate degrees, diplomas and technical certificates of credit (TCCs).  

We also offer non-credit training programs.  

We are appreciative of your time and input so that we can continue to provide the most relevant training for our students---and your current and future employees!

* 1. The program(s) currently provided by SCTC that are/is most useful to my business include(s):  Check all that apply

* 2. What credit or special training programs do you need SCTC to offer? 

* 3. Do you employ SCTC graduates? 

* 4. If you answered YES (you DO employ SCTC graduates), are you satisfied with their job performance? 

* 5. Do you have difficulty finding qualified applicants? If yes, please check all reasons that apply.

* 6. Do you have difficulty keeping qualified employees? If yes, please check all reasons that apply.

* 7. What skills do you find lacking in job applicants or in your current employees? (check all that apply)

* 8. Are you interested in SCTC providing customized training for your employees? If yes, please check which of the following types of training and methods apply. (Check all that apply)

* 9. Please check any of the following workshops and/or seminars that would serve your needs in the future:

* 10. List the jobs for which you consistently have the most frequent openings, beginning with the most frequent.

* 11. List the jobs that are the most difficult to fill, beginning with the most difficult.

* 12. List new jobs you project will be required during the next three to five years in your business.

* 13. How do you obtain information on what programs and services Southern Crescent Technical College offers (check all that apply.)

* 14. Company Profile