Sat Nam,

We are working on our 2013 business plan and we would like to know what is important to you as a 3HO Kundalini Yoga Global Community member. Please rank your interest on the following 3HO Foundation International programs and services so we can continue to provide you with the things you like most. And share with us your new ideas too!

* 1. What is your interest in the following 3HO Foundation International programs

  Not Interested Moderately Interested Very Interested N/A
Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration
Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration
International Women's Camp
Khalsa Youth Camp
3HO Regional Events in your area (New)
Aquarian Times (3HO monthly eNewsletter)
3HO Global Community Seva Project (New)
Social Networking Tools
3HO UN NGO International Recognized Days: Meditations, Service Projects and Curriculums
Interest in forming a 3HO Community Organization in your area
Interest in use of the 3HO logo on your web site, marketing, or promotional materials
3HO Yoga Center Partnership Program
3HO World Market as a vendor or a consumer
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association
Receiving a Spiritual Name
Promoting getting a Spiritual Name to students, friends and family

* 2. Your ideas for new 3HO programs and services

* 3. General Comments