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The Bundaberg region has many able and motivated industries to assist the Defence industry and Council is committed to releasing opportunities with the Commonwealth Government and their contractors.  There is ongoing investment in our new region, especially in North and Central Queensland, Wide Bay and South East Queensland.  Over the next 20 years, this is expected to increase rapidly. This has created numerous opportunities for existing service providers and those who wish to support these activities.

Opportunities exist in industries including but not limited to:
•            Engineering
•            Supply Chain and Logistics
•            Building and Construction
•            Food manufacturing
•            Facilities management and maintenance

In 2018 the Bundaberg Regional Council undertook a detailed study to identify our regions key differentiators and ability to support National Security and Defence initiatives in our immediate and neighbouring regions including Wide Bay and Shoalwater Bay Training Areas and they activities they support. The results unearthed a number of qualified opportunities for Bundaberg businesses to posture and take advantage of the commercial prospects on offer.

To do so, local businesses must be “Defence Ready”.

The Bundaberg Regional Council is investing in our local economy and businesses by assisting those who wish to participate in the National Security and Defence sectors to become Defence Ready.

We have a specialist consultant to make it as easy as possible for motivated businesses to become “Defence Ready”. If you would like to pre-register for this program, please complete the following short survey.

The Bundaberg Regional Council will select 50 local businesses to participate in the Bundaberg Defence Ready Program.

This page will ask some quick questions about your what your business is, what it can do, and where it's located. 

Please note: all of your answers will be treated with the highest integrity. We ask that you answer as openly and honestly as possible and thank you for your participation in advance.

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