Beyond the artistry: Competition and bullying in the performing arts

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Informed Consent for Anonymous Participation
Beyond the artistry: Competition and bullying in the performing arts.

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I have been asked to participate in a research study that examines the issues of competition and bullying entrenched in the performing arts and the manner to which technology, reality TV and competitions may influence the environment. In addition, this survey examines ethics and safety standards within the performing arts. Results from this study will aid in understanding what performing artists experience within their field and hopefully lead to a change in the culture. This online survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

I understand that in participating in this study I will retain absolute anonymity from all parties, even the researchers, that there are no questions that can identify me personally, and that my participation is completely confidential. I also understand that completion of the survey is voluntary and that I may stop participating in this study at any time for any reason. I understand that data collected for this study may be published. I understand I am being asked to omit names on any questions asking for an expanded explanations.

I understand that:
A. There are no foreseeable risks associated with completing the following survey.
B. There is no direct benefit to participating in this study and I will not be compensated for my time.
C. Any questions I have concerning my participating in this study will be answered by Robin Kish at kish or 714-744-7067.
D. I may refuse to participate or may withdraw from this study at any time without negative consequences. Also, the investigator may stop the study at any time.
E. If I have any questions, comments or concerns about the study or the informed consent process, I may write or call the office of the Chancellor, Chapman University, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866; Telephone (714) 997-6826.
F. I acknowledge that I can print a copy of this form and the research Participant’s Bill of Rights

I have read the above and understand it and hereby consent to the procedure(s) set forth.