1. Call for consultation on Plus Energy Buildings

Nearly 40 % of the EU’s final energy consumption is in the buildings sector, houses, offices, shops and other buildings. In accordance with the EC Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD), low and zero energy buildings as well as Plus Energy Buildings (PEBs) will be defining for the future buildings sector and play an essential part in meeting national energy and climate targets. The European Commission (EC) is looking to support the PEB market development and your expertise is required. The EC needs your input to develop and adjust future demand-side policies for the PEB market.

BUILD THE FUTURE is an EU funded project, which develops demand-side policy instruments aiming to accelerate the up-take of innovative technologies in the field of energy efficient construction up to Plus Energy Building (PEB) solutions.

A Plus Energy Building is a building that produces more energy on its premises than it consumes over the duration of a year. Studies have shown that PEBs realized today have not only a positive energy and emission balance but are already economically feasible. Still only few projects have been realized as the sector is facing a number of barriers like insufficient information about PEBs, a lack of confidence in the technology and the requirement of a high level of professional expertise. In order to work against these barriers and to accelerate the uptake of PEB technologies the Build the Future consortium developed several policy instruments, which will be further explained in the course of the consultation.

Build the Future understands Demand-Side Instruments as a set of public measures
  • to create public/private market demand for innovation
  • to improve conditions for the uptake of innovations
  • to improve the awareness about specific innovations
  • to reduce barriers affecting market introduction of innovations

By participating in this consultation you have the chance to actively influence future EC policies in the building sector. Your expert opinion is of high value and will not only give essential insights into the sector but will also be incorporated into EC policies. You also have the opportunity to be part of the future expert group, which will receive the results of this consultation, share experiences from your own region and help developing PEB policy instruments according to your region’s requirements.
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