* 1. When assisting a caregiver to develop their Circle of Support, the people they share the greatest intimacy, secrets, and heartfelt emotions belong in:

* 2. Creating a “map” of a Circle of Support places the caregiver in:

* 3. When a caregiver says they do not ask for help because “It’s just easier to do it myself,” you should:

* 4. It is important to expand the Care Team to as many members as possible because:

* 5. The phrase, “Dementia is not a ‘casserole’ disease,” means:

* 6. The role of staff to “Be where the caregiver is at” means:

* 7. The concept that suggests that caregivers should vent their frustrations to people they feel closest to, and that those people should only vent their feelings to people who are less close to the caregiver, is called:

* 8. Many family disagreements happen because:

* 9. A technique to “ask without asking” for help involves:

* 10. Negative thought processes involve all of the following patterns of thinking except:

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