I. Background:

The HKSAR Government is now developing a city-level Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) under the Convention on Biological Diversity for implementation in 2015. In preparing the BSAP for Hong Kong, a Steering Committee and three working groups are set up. Under the Terrestrial Biodiversity Working Group, an Impact Assessment Focus Group (IAFG) is formed with the objective to examine the existing and potential impacts to the terrestrial biodiversity of Hong Kong.

In collaboration with the IAFG under the Marine Biodiversity Working Group, the following questionnaire is therefore prepared as to compile expert opinions on the most significant threats to both terrestrial and marine biodiversity in Hong Kong, and to elicit proposal of appropriate measures and recommendations to address them as part of the BSAP.

More information on the background of the BSAP can be found from the AFCD website


II. Aims:

• Compile an evaluation of impacts by different stakeholders
• Compile an opinion on important measures for addressing major impacts

III. Instructions:

• Questions 1 to 5 – Please fill in the participant’s information
• A list of selection criteria is proposed for your consideration when evaluating the significance of threats to biodiversity in Hong Kong
• Questions 6 to 15 – Please select the 5 most significant threats to the TERRESTRIAL BIODIVERSITY; and rank the 5 most important recommendations to resolve each threat
• Questions 16 to 25 – Repeat for MARINE BIODIVERSITY
• Questions 26 to 27 – Open-ended questions for you to supplement your selection