1. Introduction to the BS25999 Attitudes Questionnaire

BS 25999 is now approaching its 4th birthday, with Part 1 (Code of Practice) published in late 2006 and Part 2 (requirements) in late 2007. Since then, BSI has also published BS 25777 and by the end of this year will have published several informal guidance documents (e.g. Human Aspects, Testing and Exercising, Business Recovery) to help organisations fully understand their BCM landscape.

The BSI BCM/1 committee, in conjunction with the BCI and the Continuity Forum, seeks your help to understand how the suite of standards is being used and received within the marketplace.

Please help the BSI BCM/1 committee by spending around 20 minutes completing this questionnaire. We genuinely want to hear the good and the bad from you, so please take the time to complete it fully and honestly.

All responses will be treated in the utmost confidence and your responses will not be able to be attributed back to you. We will not share your name with any other party or use your details for any commercial purpose. No third party will have access to any data.

You do not have to fill in this questionnaire, but you will be helping to shape the future of Business Continuity Standards if you do.

The information gained from this survey will be reviewed by the Chairman of the BCM/1 Committee and a summary shared with the advisory group and BCM committee.

A short report will be produced indicating key findings which you will be able to access.

Thank you