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In late 2017, the Watertown Jefferson County Area Transportation Council (WJCTC) kicked-off a planning study exploring potential locations for the bridge over the Black River in Brownville, commonly known as the Paddy Hill Bridge.The existing structure is approaching the end of its service life and as part of the planning process, the WJCTC is evaluating alternative locations for a future bridge. The planning study being conducted will explore bridge replacement options at the current location as well as exploring potential new locations for the bridge.

In addition to two stakeholder workshops held in January 2018, WJCTC held public open houses in May and November 2018 to share potential locations for the bridge with the community and gather feedback.

The potential bridge locations have been narrowed down to three alternatives. Please use this survey to share your feedback about each of the three revised bridge options. Comments received with this survey will be included in the official record. 

More information about the project and summaries of previous meetings are available online here.

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