The leadership of Brown Swamp United Methodist Church is asking for your help in assessing the ability of our church to meet your spiritual needs and those of the community that surrounds us. The church is developing a vision for the future and we would like to understand how you evaluate your church life, the programs and ministries currently in place, and where you would like the church to go in the next 3 years.

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. The whole survey should take under 10 minutes to finish. There are three ways you can take the survey:
1) Complete hard copy and place in "Survey" box in the courtyard
2) Complete hard copy and return by mail
3) Complete the online survey (this is preferred)

We would like everyone 13 or older to be involved in this process. Since all information is to be anonymous, please do not write your name on the survey or the envelope. If your family needs additional copies, contact Pastor Ann. 

* 1. How long have you been a member of this church?

* 2. During the previous four weeks, how often have your attended worship services at this church?

* 3. During the previous four weeks, how often have you attended church school classes at this church?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied are you with Brown Swamp United Methodist Church?

* 5. Please indicate how satisfied you are with the following church activities:

  Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied Does not apply/Do not participate
Church School
Seasonal Bible Studies
Youth Ministries
Fellowship Activities
Outreach to the unchurched
Outreach to newcomers
Vacation Bible School/Music Camp
Adult ministries
Groups for men/women

* 6. How likely are you to recommend this church to:

  Definitely would not Probably would not Might or might not Probably would Definitely would
Families with children
Single or divorced adults
Married couples
Adults 65 or older
Unchurched adults

* 7. If you would hesitate to recommend this church to any group, please tell us why.

* 8. If you remain in this community, how likely are you to continue attending this church?

* 9. Do you feel that your spiritual life is stronger now than it was 2 years ago?

* 10. How could the church better serve your spiritual needs?

* 11. How likely are you to participate in the following:

  Definitely would not Probably would not Might or might not Probably would Definitely would
Sunday evening services
Weekly Bible study/small group
Children's church
Trips and retreats
Weekly Prayer time
Weekly Pastor Coffee and Conversation
Weekly older adult games and activities

* 12. If you answered "not" on any of the above, please tell us why:

* 13. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Disagree strongly Disagree somewhat Neutral Agree somewhat Agree strongly
Worship here is an exciting spiritual experience
Visitors find our church to be welcoming
I like the direction of the church
There are too many cliques in this church
The church values my participation
This church helps me grow in my faith journey
The church reaches out to people with different backgrounds
The church should try to attract people who are similar to me
The church reaches out to young adults
This church offers nurture and pastoral care to anyone who needs it

* 14. In your opinion, should the church be putting less, the same, or more emphasis on:

  Much less Somewhat less About the same Somewhat more Much more
Youth ministry
Older adults
Families with children
Caring for the poor
Nurture and care for the sick and homebound
Leadership development
Scriptural interpretation

* 15. In the past 6 months, have you invited any friends, neighbors, or newcomers to visit the church?

* 16. If you have not invited a friend, neighbor or newcomer to church, why?

* 17. What do you think would make the church more attractive to newcomers and others in the community as their spiritual home?

* 18. Would you be willing to change the church's worship or music ministries if it attracted new people to the church?

* 19. Would you like the church to become smaller, stay the same size or become larger?

* 20. Please indicate your gender

* 21. To which age group do you belong?

* 22. Do you have children living at home?