Broadcast Emails

Broadcast Emails, which contain time-sensitive, critical information of interest to the entire college community, are sent on an as-needed basis.

* 1. How often do you read Broadcast Emails?

* 2. If you only sometimes, rarely, or never read Broadcast Emails, what is your reason for not reading them? Select all that apply.

* 3. Generally, how helpful is the information contained in Broadcast Emails?

* 4. Broadcast Emails most often are sent from one of seven areas of the college.  Please rate how likely you are to read them from the following senders.

  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
The President
Academic Affairs
Student Affairs
Human Resources
Information Technology Services
College Advancement

* 5. Would including the sender's name in the subject line of the Broadcast Email make you more likely to read it?

* 6. How beneficial would it be to have Broadcast Emails archived on MLink after sending?