Please respond to the following statements. THANK YOU!

* 1.

What grade are you in?

* 2.

I am a

* 3. Do you live in Big Rapids Public Schools district or are you Schools of Choice?

* 4. What extracurricular activities do you participate in?  Please select all that apply.

* 5. BRMS MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide a safe and caring environment wherein all students achieve expected academic skills, develop positive attitudes, and exhibit responsible behavior. We believe this necessitates student, parent, teacher, staff, and administrative involvement.”

Please answer the following on a rating scale.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly Agree
I understand and am committed to upholding the BRMS Mission Statement.
I feel welcome at BRMS.
I feel safe at school.
I am treated respectfully by other students.
I treat other students respectfully.
I am treated respectfully by the staff at school.
I treat staff respectfully.
My behavior at school is usually positive.
Bullying does not occur at BRMS.
The school takes bullying behavior seriously.
I know the difference between teasing, conflict, and bullying.
I know how to be a positive bystander.
My teachers care about me as a person.
School rules are applied consistently by the principals to all students.
School rules are applied consistently by the teachers to all students.
I feel comfortable talking to my teachers and principals.
I feel free to express my ideas and opinions.
My teachers keep me informed of my progress in class.
My Parents consistently check my grades online.
I check my own grades online.
I check my own grades that are posted in the classroom.
Teachers make it clear what I am supposed to learn.
My parents look at my agenda regularly.
I use my agenda regularly.
I believe the teachers at BRMS are good teachers.
My teachers help me when I need it.
Teachers expect all students to succeed no matter who the student is.
I know why it is important for me to learn what is being taught.
My classes challenge me to think and solve problems.
I feel actively involved in my learning. (If not, please comment below)
I can complete my classwork on time.
I do complete my classwork on time. (If not, please comment below)
I complete my homework on time.
I know how to do my homework.
If I don’t know how to do my homework, I know where to find help.
I take my homework home.
I bring my homework back to school.
I turn my homework in.
I don’t have enough homework.
Homework helps me learn.
Monday Missing Assignments helped me take care of my missing assignments.

* 6. What do you like the most about BRMS?

* 7. How many good friends do you have in your class(es)?

* 8. Please refer to the following definition as you answer the questions below:

BRMS Definition of Bullying: Someone is INTENTIONALLY hurting another, physically or emotionally. The people are not usually friends, and the power is UNEQUAL. Bullying is not resolved by conflict resolution.

Have you been bullied by other students? (Check all that apply)