Welcome, Bridge Builder!

Thank you for taking the time to provide our Pastoral Staff and Overseers with this valuable feedback.  In order to live out our BE ONE | MAKE ONE mission, it’s essential that we are growing as disciples!  
As we strive for continued health and growth in our church, we will require Bridge Builders to complete a survey like this twice per year.  We appreciate your willingness to share your successes and challenges us with us, so we know how to best support and encourage you in your kingdom mission.  

Our Seven Essentials are the building blocks on which our church body is built.  Each Bridge Builder has committed to growing as a talmid (disciple) in the following ways:

Community of Worship
- I commit to live as a disciple of Jesus and walk with others in a Life Group.
- I agree to submit to the leadership of the bridge under the authority of the Overseers.
- In God’s strength I want to love well, resolve conflict biblically and forgive others and myself.
- I live to promote God’s Name, purpose and glory rather than my own.
- I will work to promote unity among believers and peace in the world.
- I desire to worship God completely every day.

- I will give my time, giftedness and earnings toward the work of the Holy Spirit through this group of disciples, believing in faith that God will use this work to further His Kingdom.

- I will increasingly pray for my leaders, my family, my community and my world.

Word and Spirit
- I commit to learn God’s Word and follow the Holy Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus.

- I will serve my family, The Bridge, local community and world with my God-given gifts.

- I will intentionally teach my family, co-workers and neighbors what I learn about God’s love and plan for humanity through Jesus.

Shabbat Shalom
- I will commit to creating times of rest in my life and help others find rest in their life so that as a community we can hear God more clearly, be restored for God’s mission, and find harmony and peace in the life God has prepared for us as a community.

This survey is designed to foster reflection on each of these areas (along with a few other aspects of healthy discipleship), with  agoal of providing both you AND us with a full-picture view of where you are in your spiritual growth.  We hope this will help you identify areas of strength where you can maximize kingdom impact, and areas of struggle where we can better support and encourage you as needed.