* 1. How old are you?

* 2. How long have you been breastfeeding?

* 3. When did you first have sex after the birth of your last child?

* 4. How do you feel breastfeeding has affected your libido?

* 5. As a breastfeeding mother, approximately how often do you have sex?

* 6. As a breastfeeding mother, how often do you initiate sex?

* 7. As a breastfeeding mother, how do you feel about your breasts being touched during sex?

* 8. Have your partner's views about sex changed since you have been breastfeeding? If so, how?

* 9. Are you happy with your sex life as a breastfeeding mother?

* 10. How has being a breastfeeding mother affected your self-image and feelings about your body?

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